Clea Koluvek is a German artist who creates precious hair jewellery inspired by Japanese hair

ornaments, or kanzashi, and the world of geisha.

Having studied art history and jewellery design in the US and the UK she now works from London.

Drawing from a life-long fascination with Japan and its aesthetic of stylized beauty and graceful

balance she uses golden and silver branches, gemstone flowers and mother-of-pearl, hand-carved into

flowers, birds and butterflies, to create one-off hairpins, necklaces and earrings.

Marusa Bracelet

   The bracelet is a circle of inter-linking pigeons whose bodies fit together like three-

dimensional puzzle pieces.

The shapes developed from observing the birds in their London environment and then stylizing their

shape into curves and angles. Playing with fitting the birds into groups, they evolved into the

links of a chain.                            

[marusa means 'roundness' in Japanese]

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